Friday, November 11, 2005

Good Awesome WEEK!!!!!

Hey all! It's been a grand few weeks since the last time I posted on here. My Halloween went really well. Watched a bunch of scary movies with my younger sis and ate lots of chocolate. We had tons of fun! First week of November was grim, but it got better. :-) I am so happy right now I can't explain it in words.

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks off on the 24th. Then there's the new Harry Potter movie that I wanna see with family which is gonna kick a$$! By the previews of the movie it looks a lot better than the last one, but i'll judge that when i see it. So all HARRY POTTER fans should save money and go see it. :)

I've already been thinking about Christmas too. You can never buy presents to early. So already shopping around for everybody. :-) :)~ I hope everyone has a safe and awesome holiday coming up!




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