Sunday, October 09, 2005

good day

Hey peoples! Another good day considering it's been a week and 3 days since my grandma passed. i'm doing better than i thought i would. a lot of us. we miss her terribly but as my mom says life does go on without your dear loved ones.

Anyways, I am so enjoying the month of October. Only 22 days left till Halloween. My favorite day and time of the year. I love all the ghosts, witches, scary movies, and whatnot that comes with it. i love being freaked out from time to time. ^_^

I'm even considering visiting Salem, Mass. I love the fact of the history and whatnot there that has happened whether it be the Salem Witch Trials or something else. I love history of this country and others. :)

Well anyways, that's my blog for today. I will update it soon! :)



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